FreshLook COLORBLENDS® by Alcon are Monthly disposable color contact lenses featuring 3-in-1 color technology for stunning, natural eye color. COLORBLENDS® contact lenses are the first silicone hydrogel color contact lenses available in the market, FreshLook Colorblends contact lenses are worn for cosmetic reasons, with 0.00 vision correction and for power...
FreshLook One-Day Color contact lenses manufactured by Alcon, a unique 3-in-1 technology daily disposable color contact lens that Blends 3 colors on one lens to create a totally unique natural result. The Freshlook ONE-DAY (10 pack) available in four colors: Blue, Green, Pure Hazel, and Gray and are available in...

FreshLook Contact Lenses

    ‘Freshlook’ is one of the leading eyewear brands that come from the family of eye car giant Ciba Vision & Alcon. All their contact lenses are properly examined and approved by USFDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

    Their contact lenses are widely known for their innovative colored lenses which come in colors like Sapphire, sterling gray, green, honey, pure hazel, Brown, Brilliant Blue, and Turquoise providing an array of choices to the users wearing them. These are unisex contact lenses that can use by Men and Women alike.

    Here are the flagship colored contact lenses from the Fresh look brand.

    1. Freshlook color blends:

    ‘Freshlook color blends’ are disposable color contact lenses that come in a wide variety of colors that can be used for an entire month. They come with a pack of two lenses and with a warranty of 6 months.

    These contact lenses need to be removed before sleeping, cleaned properly, and inserted into the eye in the morning for greater durability, quality vision, and lasting performance.

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    2. Freshlook Color 1 day:

    Freshlook color 1-day contact lenses are disposable contact lenses that can be used for day-long usage, they come in a pack of 10 lenses. It makes use of 3 in 1 technology that blends three colors into one to give your eye a natural color.

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    Frequently Answered Questions:

    • Is it okay to wear contact lenses to others?

    No, it's absolutely not a good practice to wear contact lenses of others as it may result in the spread of eye infections.

    • Will there be any maximum time usage of daily contact lenses?

    Using daily contact lenses for longer hours may strain your eyes, however, the ideal time usage of daily contact lenses stands anywhere between 14 to 16 hours

    • Does taking a nap with contact lenses cause any eye damage?

    Yes, taking a nap or sleeping in contact lenses may result in infection or irritation of the eyes, it may also lead to vision loss.

    • Are daily lenses costlier than monthly lenses?

    Yes, though the cost of contact lenses varies from brand to brand, daily wear contact lenses are priced a little higher when compared to monthly wear contact lenses